Show Plates & Dishes

To show your hospitality to your guests, food will be served on special plates featuring Byzantine Numerals that represent “time”, which Franck Muller truly values.
These plates are made by one of Japan’s most historical potters, lauded for their 1300 year history. They have beautifully produced the elegant world of “time” in a plate.

Champagne & Wine Glass with Glass Marker

A special glass is designed for the Champagne Toast and beautiful wine glasses featuring the markers will be created for the reception. With delicately encrusted Byzantine Numerals and glass markers, the guests will celebrate both your history and future.

Chair cover / Table Linens

To accommodate your very important guests, we have prepared special chair covers, tablecloths and napkins. The sharp design with a simple button creates a wonderful atmosphere at the table.


Above the special plate with golden numerals, a napkin embroidered with the original logo will be placed to enhance the radiant table setting.

Certificate of Marriage

Commencing with this special day, you will begin your journey and grow together as time goes by. A special marriage certificate designed in the art deco style will be personally signed by Franck Muller.

Candle Tower

The lighting of the candle, designed with the Byzantine Numerals, represents your future journey through "time".

Number Scluptures

Byzantine Numerals represent “time”.
Today is one of the most memorable and happiest days. Celebrate the new “time” together. Lead the happiness from parents to children, to friends and relatives, and pass the joy on to others!


This is an exceptional gift from you to your guests; a beautiful cup and saucer with exquisite golden numerals. This gift will always remind the guests of your happiest day.


The extraordinary menu is inspired by Franck Muller’s “philosophy of time”. The menu is truly original and features Byzantine Numeral crested tableware. You and your guests will enjoy the “time” of your lives.

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