Franck Muller is highly regarded by those who are well-versed in celebratory events, as we have customers across the world and the bridal fair organised by the brand at the launch of new product models has seen popularity. Franck Muller has a unique view of the world based on the sense of luxury and originality of the brand. The Franck Muller Wedding which carries its sense of the world is a special ceremony & reception with a theme of ‘time’. It will help the couple remember the happiest time in life for good. We will ensure the couple and their guests can enjoy the precious time with our best hospitality.


A new type of wedding created based on Franck Muller’s ‘philosophy of time’ Franck Muller continues to create watches based on a new concept, responding to ever changing times. Its unique creation is supported by the production structure where ‘master skill’ of the traditional luxurious watch manufacturing in Switzerland and the cutting-edge high technology are integrated. Franck Muller watches are manually created by watchmakers from the movement, case manufacturing, assembling to the finish in the best environment overlooking the Lake Leman in Geneva, Switzerland. It gives the watches special auras.

Franck Muller continues to innovate in the traditional concept of time with complex functions and novel ideas. For example, a watch with an enjoyable time display free from a stereotypical image, a watch which shows different displays in daytime and night time and a watch with a playful idea which does not confine a role of watch to informing ‘time’….Our creation carries a message ‘We want you to appreciate each moment which will never be repeated and enjoy your life’. The Franck Muller Wedding also carries this message and proposes a very unique, new wedding ceremony.

A Franck Muller Wedding “Philosophy of Time”

Exclusive Decoration for "CASABLANCA"

The two pieces of cloth, which represent a destined couple, are tied into one and create a beautiful tent with luxurious drapes. The tent is filled with happiness and delight. “Casa Blanca” is the theme of this luxurious reception and is named after one of the most famous Franck Muller watches.

Casa Blanca, a beautiful town located in North Africa, was preferred by the Europeans.

Inspired by the magnificent Sahara Desert, it is said that in these tents, wedding banquets were held throughout the night to celebrate the new chapter of a couple’s life.

*Decoration planning can be fixed according to your banquet size and budget.

Exclusive Decoration for "LONG ISLAND"

Many artistic styles, which flourished in the 20th century, have greatly inspired Franck Muller. Elegant and sophisticated parties on Long Island, a suburb of New York, is just one example.

Tents with soft drapes, a rectangular motif in art deco style, as well as delicious wine and appetizing cuisine, will be specially presented. The extraordinary atmosphere will certainly add color and celebrate your everlasting commitment. Above all, it will be a truly momentous occasion.

* Decoration planning can be fixed according to your banquet size and budget.

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Franck Muller has been proposing new definitions of time through his unique ideas and complex watch mechanisms.

One of his creations, "Crazy Hours", has a watch face with uniquely set numerals. Though the numerals are randomly placed, the watch tells the time precisely. The message behind this model is "be free from the restraints of time and live life creatively".

The "Vegas" model has a roulette wheel set in the watch. Roulette represents spontaneity and the point is that life can be fun because of the uncertainty of the future.

The Franck Muller Wedding is another form of creation. It carries his philosophy of time and his message "Live life to the fullest!"